5 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you’ve been through a breakup that you did not see coming and you couldn’t prevent from happening, you’re going to be feeling simmering low. Most your feelings are still intact and all instinct tells you to fight to ‘get my ex boyfriend back’, someone who was so special to you.

But one thing is stopping you and, as obstacles go, it’s simmering insurmountable. You just don’t know why your boyfriend left.

Unless you’re sure about the reason then not only will you not know how to get him back, you might also just be wasting a lot of time and energy.

Would you often know what most men say is the single biggest reason for walking out of a relationship?

According to therapists, when the subject comes up in their sessions, the vast majority of men say the reason they left is because no matter what they did, they couldn’t make her happy any more.

That shines a different light on your problem doesn’t it? It probably never crossed your mind to think of it that way, which in itself will have contributed to the breakup. But it also means there’s something you, yourself, can do about it.

So it’s time to think again. It was not that he fell out of love. He did not meet someone else. You did not do anything to him. It was what you did not do that helped to get you where you are. For him, the most important part of your relationship was his ability to make you happy. When it seemed to him that he’d lost that power he did not know what to do. So he got out. But if you were happy then he’s made a terrible misjudgment. But he made it at least partly because you stopped showing him.

Taking someone for granted is always a mistake and it’s up to you to put it right. Make sure you show him and tell him how he makes you feel; by the way you look at him or hold him, by the things you say and the little gestures that mean so much. That’s your way back to the happiness you lost.

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